Earthworm or Worm Tea 101

The way I do thing’s is generally to simple for most…..the best way that i know to try to explain it just came to me…

any chance you remember your mom making bread, and using part of a (“culture” as a yeast) the concept is similar to making wine and beer with out a yeast powder…..


imagine you have a packet of yeast, just add lukewarm water and what happens……….fermentation——or better known as growing organisms right. thats why the yeast rise’s…….


now, take a pack–Lets say a pound of worm castings…………….we will use it like a starter, or “yeast”…..add some lukewarm water—-80-90 deg, and stir it up good, just like we would kneed bread…………………..what happens, same thing, you just cant see it “rise” but the “yeast”is growing and spreading…………….millions and billions, if you dont feed them something they will die of starvation……………..


with bread, we give them sugar……..with wine we give them sugar, with mead we give them honey. and so on………..add some honey, or molasses to it to feed them as they grow, keep them stirred.

worms eat bad,old moldy food, and transform it into a micronutrient we will call “yeast” when activated with water, the micro nutrients, better referred to as microbes grow, and multiply dramatically, and constantly eat. they will eat up all the bad fungus,mold,and all the other “bad”stuff in your yard,garden,raised beds,farm or field, insects dont like it, as it breaks down compost, the worms will come to eat the compost and the cycle begin’s. birds will flock to the worms, leaving more to eat, the bee’s will come and you wont be killing them. Your garden, “will become alive” just like it was, before we started killing all the good microb’s with fertilizers and pesticides. If you don’t kill “the yeast” it will keep growing and growing. until nothing bad can live long in your soil…….I was sceptical for the first year, till a few educated people came and bought worms from me. one was a microbiologist, and traded me some worms for a testing on my tea and she was very impressed….it all started making sense after that. she named lots of different microbes, some good and some bad, even showed me pictures of them, blew my mind. This is the best year for my gardening I have had in about 30 years, and have spent zero dollars on fertilizers, pesticides or other things… pound of worm casting will make 4 gal. of worm tea…..

dilute that 10-1 that is 40 gal. of foliage spray……….you can spray every day if you want, or once a week, or even just every now and then………just not in the heat of the day.

too simple, I know………

unbelievable, yepppp

all I can do is tell you what I know. and that is what I did, not one tomato had brown rot,

copyright tim herron farms 2013….can only be reproduced if acknowagement is given to tim herron farms dawsonville georgia. 706-531-4789



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