The Benefits of Earthworm Castings and Tea

how big are your raised beds? I have several I use for planting vegi’s, a few for flowers, and a few for spice.

I started raising worms after I was laid off. then it grew, and grew, constantly changing direction. then, like you I realized, store bought is at least a year old-and no telling where it came from. even when you buy local it is 50/50, monsanto and other things have creeped into our food web, and are in everything.

with the bad air,bad rain, and bad sun rays even if we grow our own it is kinda iffy.

But, I do feel better knowing I am not poisoning the soil and water table, or the birds and the bee’s.

I dont have a “large farm” thats the magic, you don’t really need one. as you know, there is alot of miss information and varied opinions on the internet.

All I can offer people is what has worked for me. as far as help goes, I am always overwhelmed with things to do, but most is piddly.

It is hard to explain all the benefits of worm castings and worm tea in an email, but one of the biggest plus’s is a little goes a long way. I can get the same or better result’s from a few cup’s of castings as I can a box of miracle grow. the added attractant to that, is each time you use it, it gets better and better, not like synthetics-where you have to keep it on…….in time, say a year or two, the results start to really show, and the saving’s is huge.

here is just a small list,


compost and recycle—no trash pick up………..30.00 x 12=360.00 yr


10-10-10 2 bags, 20.00 or more


misl. pesticides 120.00 or more


weed and feed 50.00 or more


lime 20-50.00 or more


special insecticides 120.00 or more


water bill cut in 1/2 or more


time and water saved from not having to wash off all the poisson’s


save millions of bee’s that kill insects and pollinate


save thousands of birds that kill insects


save thousands of bugs that kill insects


save thousands, from your health bank by not eating poisson’s


in time, your garden, raised beds and flowers will outperform synthetic’s hands down……


and each year, you can add less and less—rather than more and more chemicals

the over all satifaction of being organic rather than just spraying wildly well out weigh’s the monetary benefits.

copy right, herron farms, can be copyed as long as and this copyright notice is left included.



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