Winter is comming

winter is coming, what I would do,,,,,,,,,,

may sound crazy….
get some castings, just a few pounds would work. put about 2 cups in a 5 gal. bucket, ad rainwater(i use water from my tilapia tanks) add about 4-5 tablespoons of molasses or honey, sea kelp if you have some—-can grind up oats if you dont……
use a paint mixer on a drill to stir it up and work it for a few min’s. let it sit while you get your sprayer ready, then mix it again……..strain it good, and spray your beds with it…….anything else is fine as well….but make sure you spray your beds well…woops, I forgot to tell you to dilute the 4-5 gal of tea.
one 4-5 gal container will dilute into 10-1, meaning you will get 40-50 gal, of microbes, they do best in 70-80 deg temp…..I know that sounds insane….but it works best if you have compost of some type in the beds.
in the spring. same thing, but side dress your plants as well, there is no need to mix wheelbarrows full in the beds, you get the same result, but no waste. spray your fruit tree’s now, with the tea, and it will help kill off the worms-before they go dormant.